Many people leave grooming of their pets to the professional. They do this because the professionals are experienced and better equipped than them. To an extent, they are making the right choice because professional groomers know how to groom a dog but can’t you do it at home, so save money and develop a better relationship with your pet. Dogs who have long and growing hair need regular maintenance, and you need to see into that matter.


Considering all, there is no way you can’t become an expert yourself. You don’t need dog grooming tools ever, just a scissor and hair will do the trick. The first few results will be comical but that’s no problem, the hair will grow back. So you need to practice as much as you can. We are helping you out by providing you with the following:

Dog Grooming Tools

Clippers are cheap and versatile. You can use any dog clippers instead of wasting money on any specialized type of clipper. Some clippers can be sharpened which extends their life period. When you use a clipper, make sure you are using plastic guards for extra length. The problem is, clippers tend to snag in long hair coats, therefore, they might be useless for your pets. When it comes to paw and ears, a sharp pair of scissors will do the trick. However, in some areas fiddly can also work with clippers. While at it, make sure you have a bunch of treats on hand and a brush.

  • Preparing to Clip

When it comes to Dog Grooming at Home, it’s better to have an extra pair of hands. Professional groomers have dog grooming tables to make their work easy. They even have an apparatus to hold the dog or clip the collar to. If you don’t have these at home, you can always groom your dog on your kitchen table. Just make sure you put a non-slip mat on it first.

  • How Often Should You Do It?

If your dog got a continuously growing coat, then you need to clip every 6-8 weeks. If you can brush your dog regularly and prevent the formation of mats, then you won’t need to groom. However, if your dog mat without an effort then you have to clip the coat a bit more. The long coat is an insulating layer against heat and cold. Dogs who feel more heat can be cooled down if you clip hair from their belly.

Taking Care of Your Clippers

You need to keep your dog grooming clippers clean if you want them running smooth. Keep the blades clean and lubricated at all times. You can Use some spray if the blades are heated while you clip your dog. Just keep the blades sharp because they cut well when they are blunt. If you need, get them professional sharpened. You can brush them free from hair by using a toothbrush and apply some oil or clipper spray.

Following are a few tips that will help you to do the job better. You just need a silent place that is free of distractions. As hair winds up everywhere, you better pick a somewhere that you can easily clean.

  • If your dog is dirty, better bath him first because this is how to groom a dog properly. Give him a bath with a good pet shampoo. Once the fur is dried, you have to brush out snags and mats. Now use clippers in direction of hair growth with long motion strokes
  • Use scissors for touch up and trim extremities such as face, leg, and ears
  • If you want to clip the paws, brush against the direction of hair growth and push the hair between toes upward and cut with scissors
  • You can also use the clippers to do underside of feet
  • Make sure there is no hair growing around the eyes of your pet. Hair growth here can interfere with vision. If your pet is a wiggly one, you better use blunt tipped curved scissors

Handling Nervous Dogs

Every dog gets a bit nervous but if you are worried about it. You better get some treats for him. It will help your dog to get accustomed to the noise of clippers. Keep your sessions short and praise the dog for being attentive, standing still and patient while you groom. If your pet gets anxiety, you better stick to dog grooming at home. For this, you just need to acclimatize your dog. While things go fast in a professional grooming parlor, you can seek grooming rehabilitation for your pet.

When you are selecting someone who knows how to groom dog professional, you can just rely on word of mouth and find someone who is good with anxious pets. The level of care your pet gets is far more important than the cut itself.

Matted Dogs

If your doors have mats, clippers can be painful for him. While it is important that you de-mat your dog, you need to see that your dog is comfortable. You can take different measure for it, such as using a specialized comb. If mats are not too close to the skin, you can use dog grooming clippers on shortest settings and get right of mats that are not too close to the skin.

The fact is, you need to get close to somewhere where are no mats if you want to get to the base of the coat. If this is painful and extensive, you can go to the vet and ask him to give your pet a sedative. Yes, sedate your dog and have the procedure done in the hospital. Once you have taken care of all mats, it will be a lot easy to maintain the coat with simple dog grooming tools. Make sure you take good care of your dog by clipping and brushing to make sure mats never start developing again.

Grooming can be a real bonding experience for you and your pet. Besides this is a skill you can enjoy. After you master the basics, you can let your creativity flow and try something else, something new.

What Else can You Do?

As humans need good grooming habits, the dog does too. Apart from being healthy, grooming is a healthy part of your relationship with it. Besides, the following are three reasons why you should groom your dog regularly.

  • It allows you and your dog to have quiet time together
  • It improves your do’s health including his skin, coat, feet, ears, teeth, etc
  • It allows you to become family with your dog’s body and his likening


  • How Often?

Unless your dog really smells or dirty, you can bath him once in every 2 or 4 months. If you bath your dog too much, it will dry out his skin and get rid of natural oils from the coat

  • How To?

Get shampoo that is specially made for Dogs. Human shampoos can be harsh for them, so you better avoid it. Use a non-slip surface by putting a bath mat or towel in the bottom of tub, sink, pool or whatever you use. Lather up the coat and rinse thoroughly. Just make sure you rinse completely or else the shampoo leaves a dull residue on fur. Also, you need to avoid the shampoo and water getting directly in mouth, ear and eyes of your pet.


You better brush your dog on a regular basis. Despite how long his coat is, brushing will help you remove dead hair, distribute natural oil for a clean and healthy coat. This will also stimulate the surface of the skin by sloughing off the dead and dry skin. In addition, it will also help you to become familiar with your dog’s body.

  • How Often?

Thanks to Dog Grooming able and tools, this is very easy now. The fact is, you need to brush your dog every few days despite the length of its coat. Brushing can have a specified purposes that can be removing hair mats or help your dog to shed its seasonal coat. However, the most common purpose is to make your dog look neat.

  • How to do it

Considering the wide variety of dog grooming tools available, there are a lot to choose from. But the basics are brush and comb. If you want to go deep into details, you have pin head brushes and zoom groom, Shedding blades and universal slicker brushes. The latter is ideal for removing dead coat and hair mats, but they can be harsh for general brushing. The finishing slicker brushes are ideal for making fringe looking hair fluffy, but they do not have long or sturdy bristles to help you for general brushing. So when you are shopping for these, you have considered what you want and then choose your tools accordingly.

The very first thing you need to know about how to groom a dog is many dogs can chew the brush or won’t like being brushed at all. So before you use a brush on them, you should first let them see and feel it. Start brushing your dog and make sure you reward him with praise and treat. Just keep your session short but increase the time as your dog gets comfortable with it. Dog grooming at Home should be comfortable and fun for both of you.


You need to keep your dog’s feet trimmed up nice and neat. It is important not only because its looks right but because it will help reduce the tar, sticker, and rocks, salt and go knows whatever is get caught in your dog’s feet. Whatever it is, it will be uncomfortable for your dog.

  • How to do it

Use scissors and trim over top of his good. Even with pads on the bottom of the foot and let him walk for a while. It will be better if you don’t try to trim in between the toes or pad of the foot.


As Dog nails grow in a curve, if you allow them to grow too long, they will make it difficult for your pet to walk. This is extremely uncomfortable, and it often leads to broken fingers. You can prevent this if you regularly clip your dog’s nails.

  • How Often?

You should check and clip nails every two weeks. If the nails are way too long, you will hear a click as your dog walks.

  • How to Get Started?

There are two types of nail clippers which are specially made for dogs. Both of them are acceptable if you are comfortable using them. You just need a clear sight to where the blade cuts. Moreover, the Clippers need to have a sharp blade. It will be better if you keep a jar of styptic powder to stop bleeding if you accidently cut.

  • Where to Clip?

In case your dog has white nails, you can see the pink nail through them. Just clip the tip of their nail but not too much because you might clip the vein. If your dog has black nails you need to clip of a little at a time; you can look at the tip of the nail after you clip each time. If you see a pale oval in the tip, you are near the vein and need to stop clipping. If you clip your dog nails on a regular basis, you can notice a hook at the end of thicker apart of the nail. The hook portion is what can be clipped off. You also need to clip dew claws if your pet has them.

  • Start slow

This is the most important bit, in beginning your puppy will sniff the clipper and hear the sound it makes and feel it against the paw and nail before you clip. If you just get one nail done, it’s good. When you are starting out, it may take you a week or even long to do all the paws, but that’s fine. Just keep your sessions positive and reward your dog with treats and praise while you clip.

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